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Friday 11 January 2019
19:30 – 21:30

Merchant's Malt House
Calle Canalejas 12

First timer? We'll be there in Silicon Drinkabout T-shirts; don't be shy, come and say hello!

Local organisers

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    Jaime Aranda

    CEO & Cofounder, workINcompany | NativoSocial | vozWise

    Once upon a time I studied architecture but... Suddenly I discovered coworking, I cofounded the first space in Andalucia (south Spain) and everything messed up. Now I help professionals and startups to grow, to communicate in social media with NativoSocial, to speech their ideas with vozWise and to network bravely with lots of events I organise.

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    Teresa Suárez Martín

    Freelance consultant

    Journalist. Social Media and Corporate Communication.
    Smile, You will grow.

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    Paco Escamilla

    COO, Levelbots

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    Carlos Delgado

    Business Developer / UX, Portium Ventures

    Entrepreneur. startup weekend facilitator. designer, business developer, ux.