Sponsor São Paulo

Uh oh! It looks like this week's event hasn't been added to the page yet. Feel free to tweet to the organisers so they can do this as soon as possible! Tweet to @DrinkaboutSP

Local organisers

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    Lilian Natal

    CMO, Play2sell

    Lilian Natal is co-founder and CMO of Play2sell, a Brazilian startup that was born during the Founder Institute São Paulo program and received the title of best startup of the semester. Lilian is also a communications and marketing manager at SPTuris, a tourism promotion company that also manages the Interlagos Circuit and Anhembi. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism, an international executive degree in Marketing (Ohio University) and an MBA in Strategic Business Management (FGV).

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    Phillipe Soares

    Copywriter and Tenant Engagement Specialist, Lobby Tech

    I love sharing, listening stories and speaking up! I'm really passionate about people. This is the reason I've shifted from being an IT person, to be a Professor working and developing people.

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    André Pedro

    Full Stack Web Developer, Duratex

    He is a full stack web developer from Brazil, with over 10 years of experience building websites and web applications, startup enthusiast and co-founder at Tripr