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Friday 17 August 2018
18:00 – 21:00

Academia Andrea Maestri
Avenida Praia de Itapuã, S/N - Vilas do Atlântico

Talk with Michelle Meirelles on Female Empowerment


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    Donjorge Almeida

    Gestor de Inovação, República Interativa

    Na Articulação de ideias.

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    carolina costa

    managing partner, cubos tecnologia

    Lover of challenges, enjoyer of tech and business partner at a loving company called Cubos.io. Passionates about building a startup community and enjoy connecting people. Hoping to be able to truly change somehow the world around me.

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    Igor Fonseca

    CEO, Ícone Soluções

    Optimistic in find answers to, What is the best possible future for all mankind? How do we make it? How do we make people want it?