Sponsor Munich

You can find our event schedule on: https://www.sda-munich.de/

Local organisers

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    Oliver Stück

    Corporate Partnership Director , optile

    After moving from London to Munich, Oliver felt there was a great casual event missing that unites like minded people in the startup community. Besides building up Silicon Drinkabout in Munich Oliver is helping to bring FinTech StartUp optile forward. He smiles a lot and enjoys connecting people...

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    Mark Schütz

    Co-Founder, Campus-Compass.eu

    Mark-Felix is Co-Founder of Campus-Compass.eu, a career orientation platform for students and employers based in Munich. He has a background in economics, computer sciences and innovation and has been working as a Growth Hacker in multiple startups, built online communities and tweets about media @foranothermedia. When he doesn't work he is obsessed with anything food-related and loves travelling.

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    Lucas Flohrschütz

    Founder, emport.net

    Serial Wantrepreneur. Former sales clerk at Seismografics (printing industry). Founder of emport.net - a marketplace that connects media designers and customers, Co-Founder of Freie-Netze and chairman of Netzdiskretion e.V.

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    Cholpon Degenbaeva


    Cholpon enjoys relaxing with coding and a cup of earl grey tea, as well as hanging out with interesting people ;-) She is into web development, UX design, travelling, arts and fashion. Cholpon has studied Computer Science at the university of Saarland, her master thesis tackled an NP-complete graph problem and results were published at the IEEE conference on High Performance Computing and Communications in New York.