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    Andrea Romoli

    DigitalConnector , Freelance Consultant

    Digital Connector - I am helping startups and digital companies to develop professional network. I have a strong community experience and professional network online and offline. My job is to help companies to develop and manage online presence and managing online conversations on social networks

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    Alfonso Santitoro

    Digital Hero

    I worked in the startup field for about 3 years, the year in which I launched my first personal startup Unicafe (www.unicafe.it), I have collaborators and startups around Italy and Europe, I love traveling for work, meet new people, meet new startups and network

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    Leo Magazzu

    Startups Addicted, Mentor

    Passionate about Digital I started working with startups 5 years ago. Guess what? I never started one myself.
    In my experience, if you wish to succeed, it's essential to develop your network and understand that working hard is not enough, you need to make the difference!