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    Jakov Tiefenbach

    Student, University of Edinburgh

    A University of Edinburgh medicine student with a strong interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. Last year I was in London at Imperial College Business School where I received formal teaching in entrepreneurship and had an opportunity to work for a healthcare based start-up. Come along for our events and talk to me about start-ups, tech, digital health or anything else.

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    Doğa Şatır

    President, The University of Edinburgh Entrepreneurs Society

    I participated in Shell Eco-marathon Make the Future London in 2016 and have been interested in sustainability and innovation projects ever since. I completed a summer programme at Anna University on "Recent Developments in Engineering and Technology". I worked in Project Finance for short term and I'm currently going into my third year of studies in Chemical Engineering with Management at The University of Edinburgh. I'm eager to help connect inspiring minds.

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    Christopher Pauli

    Sponsorship Manager, University of Edinburgh Entsoc

    I gained interest in entrepreneurship during my engineering foundation at EPFL in my native Switzerland. I've always been into anything micro mainly watchmaking which is a big industry in Switzerland. I eventually decided to study Economics & Accounting at the University of Edinburgh. Through my studies and personal reading, I discovered the potentials of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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    Ivan Gorshkov

    intern, Knight Frank

    I moved to Edinburgh 2 years ago to study finance but eventually discovered my passion for entrepreneurship and all derivatives. Chat with me about the latest trends in real estate tech. I am looking forward to meeting individuals that share my passion!