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Local organisers

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    Caroline Chan

    Developer, Founder @Coffee&Code Belfast

    Every month I help bring the winning combo of drinks + networking to Belfast. Step away from your screen and come join us first Wed of every month. See you then!

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    Phil Vernon

    Managing Director, Level Up Resourcing

    As MD of Level Up Resourcing, I specialise in talent sourcing for Software, Cyber and Cloud related skills within the NI ICT Market.

    At Level Up, we have partnered with many Tech Organisations to establish successful teams and we understand the unique challenges that come from building a productive and stable team in the local market.

    Collaboration, partnership and expertise are the cornerstones of our success and our ability to deliver success for the people we work with.

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    Dermot McElduff

    Team Lead, Allen Overy

    Just returned to NI after 10 years away from these shores, in my time away, mostly in Australia I was a partner and/or founder in businesses such as a coworking space, business accelerator, business consultancy, and have worked to mentor many businesses including startups.