Sponsorship varies from city-to-city based primarily on attendance figures and local cost of drinks. A pint in London will set you back a fair bit more than it will in Sofia! If you’re interested in sponsoring a specific Silicon Drinkabout event please go to their city page and click on the link in the yellow, top righthand corner. This way you can contact the organisers of that city directly.

If you’re interested in a multi-city sponsorship please contact Vicky. Queries about partnerships should also be sent her way :)


For local partnerships please contact the local organisers via their specific city page.

We offer Silicon Drinkabout partnerships on an annual basis which includes but is not limited to:

  • Featured on the Silicon Drinkabout partner’s page* (includes blurb, logo and link)
  • Featured in the partners section of every newsletter sent to 7,000+ subscribers
  • Advertising space within newsletter on adhoc basis
  • Social media promotion (20k+ Twitter followers)
  • Introductions to relevant members of the community
  • Sponsorship of local Silicon Drinkabout events including further promotion to specific cities

*Coming soon.

To clarify the difference:

  • Sponsorship is primarily focused on an event or events.
  • Partnership is a longer term, overarching relationship with Silicon Drinkabout, which may include the sponsorship of events.