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Uh oh! It looks like this week's event hasn't been added to the page yet. Feel free to tweet to the organisers so they can do this as soon as possible! Tweet to @SDrinkAboutRome

Local organisers

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    Davide De Luca

    Founder, Traslochino

    My life is full of curiosity, discipline and passion

    I'm a community manager, passionate about innovation, photography and good food.
    I organize events and aperitif

    Founder of Traslochino, a startup active in a sharing economy to help people to move their stuff

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    Laura Rizzo

    Co-founder, StartupHome

    Co-founder of StartupHome Rome (Co-living for entrepreneurs and freelancers)

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    Nicola Di Donato

    founder, TreeVoice

    Expert in monitoring of Tree and vertical infrastructures .
    Expert in 3D modelling ed printing
    Expert in Hardware design