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Friday 27 April 2018
18:30 – 21:30

The Theatre Delicatessen
2 Finsbury Avenue
London, EC2M 2PA

Celebrate payday with us and the fintech crowd

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    Benj Minot

    Founder/CEO, MondoTV

    Ben, an Aristotelian digital nomad with roots firmly in the London tech scene, now runs MondoTV, a boutique creative production house making videos for the internet-webs. Find him for a laugh, a story or and introduction. Fun fact: Killed by Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer) in the film Tombstone

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    Chaymae Lougmani

    Senior UX Designer, Neyber ltd

    Nomad problem solver!

    Chaymae creates seamless experiences using design thinking. She is also top writer in design on Medium and guest speaker for various tech meetups.

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    Trevor Duong

    Scrum Master, Karhoo

    Moved from Vancouver, Canada recently to discover new adventures in London! I love to cook meals for friends, travel as much of Europe as possible, and find hidden food gems in London. Come chat with me about your favorite travel destinations and hole-in-the-wall food joints!

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    Doug Hunter

    Doug has traveled extensively for both work and play, come to think of it, work and play sums him up pretty well. He is a PR manager here in Shoreditch and is always keen to talk sports (Spurs Fan), tv & film, music, travel, tech and politics (to some extent). He loves meeting new people and finding new things. DISCLAIMER - Not related to Vicky! ;)