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Friday 28 July 2017
18:00 – 21:00

120-124 Curtain Road
London, EC2A 3SQ

We're back to Strongroom! Look out for the stickers (outside if weather is good) :D

Local organisers

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    Gabriel Pizzolante

    Founder, Startup Insights UK

    Event Organiser, Entrepreneur and Connector in the Tech Scene. Having a background in Events and Catering I began my business journey being a Foodie Startup. I then started organising events, programmes and university courses in digital startups and entrepreneurship bringing international startups to London's startup ecosystem

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    Cristina Parente

    Travel lover, food obsessed and friday evening beers advocate.
    A curious mind having an affair with the tech world, energised by entrepreneurship and product innovation who loves to meet inspiring people.

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    Adam Sandford

    Business Development Manager, Mighty Sharp

    Conversationalist, full service digital, silversmith, advocate of gin, player of the saw. Adam is a regular at startup events all over London and loves nothing more than meeting people. If you are a drinkabout first timer then come and say hello! If you are a regular then you probably know him already so come and say hello again!

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    Chaymae Lougmani

    UX Designer, Vitamin London Ltd

    Hi there, I'm Chaymae.
    A UX Designer and a Mighty Pirate!

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    Benj Minot

    Founder/CEO, MondoTV

    Ben, an Aristotelian digital nomad with roots firmly in the London tech scene, now runs MondoTV, a boutique creative production house making videos for the internet-webs. Find him for a laugh, a story or and introduction. Fun fact: Killed by Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer) in the film Tombstone

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    Trevor Duong

    Scrum Master, Alfresco Software

    Moved from Vancouver, Canada recently to discover new adventures in London! I love to cook meals for friends, travel as much of Europe as possible, and find hidden food gems in London. Come chat with me about your favorite travel destinations and hole-in-the-wall food joints!

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    David Chow

    Chief Talker, Low Carbon Jargon

    I run Low Carbon Jargon. Saying more with less. Be it strategy, marketing or media relations. Talk to me about food, mobile technology, watches, cats and single malt (basically my Instagram photo album) in any particular order!

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    Doug Hunter

    Doug has traveled extensively for both work and play, come to think of it, work and play sums him up pretty well. He is a PR manager here in Shoreditch and is always keen to talk sports (Spurs Fan), tv & film, music, travel, tech and politics (to some extent). He loves meeting new people and finding new things. DISCLAIMER - Not related to Vicky! ;)

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    Kylene Henry

    Editor, Tech.London

    Loves London, theatre & Disney Movies. Hates filling out Biographies. Want to know More? Come say Hi at Drinkabout. :) (OMG, I just heard about this new Vlogger named Vicky....So hilarious!)

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    Claudia Fratangeli

    Events Manager, huckletree

    After moving to london to work with startups, she built her network on drinks, lost-in-translation jokes and meaningful connections. she loved going to events so much, she decided to join huckletree and make events come to her. happy to have not-necessarily-work related chats, possibly in front of a g&t.